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Since I dawned upon this world, I have been curious. Learning the inner workings of any and everything is my forté. I pick something that interests me, observe its mechanics, recognize patterns and logic, analyze how it all works together, and then move on to the next interesting thing. This very observant nature has enabled me to learn stuff quickly. And by consequence, this ability to learn has seen me working in a variety of professional capacities – I’ve been a teacher for the differently-abled, a social media analyst, a content writer, a blogger, a receptionist, a cultural and communications coordinator, a French teacher, and more recently a digital marketer.

Learning has hence become a habit. Among a myriad of processes, life-skills, sports, and arts – the one learning I cherish the most is Language.

Whatever the media, this tool helps us communicate our ideas, feelings, wants & needs. Words flow as sounds… sometimes as ink on paper… oftentimes appearing as pixels on screens… for the mute, they are conveyed in signs, whereas for the blind they are embossed dots felt on fingertips.

I am in love with words. It all started in school with a crush on Japanese, followed by a brief romance with Spanish, and continued in recent years as a passionate affair with French.

I speak 6 languages – my mother-tongue: Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, English, Japanese & French. I understand a bit of German and Spanish.

Among these languages that I speak, French is closest to my heart. Over the past 5 years, I have learnt this language, spoken it with francophones and native speakers, I have built a successful career around it. French has brought me love, friends, work opportunities – all this while helping me grow as an individual. I have imbibed the culture within my being: Liberty, Equality & Fraternity. All in all, I am passionate about French.

I like to share this passion with others, by helping them speak this beautiful language. So if you’re ready to fall in love, as did I: Put on your béret, hold a glass of red wine and say “Bonjour!” to The French Guru.

P.S. The French Guru is a misnomer. I’m an eternal student and lover of French. And I’m from India. So go figure.

I love discovering people through their life stories while sharing my own. I can talk on most topics thanks to my reading habit. I’m a patient listener. What’s your story?

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Remember, your journey learning French leads you to France and 35+ francophone countries